Going on holiday to
Malia? Wanna see something different than english pubs ... ? Walk your way to Stalis and after 600 meters you'll find a cafe on your right. This cocktail, snack, sportsbar is called Mojito. It's got on excelent location not far from the most beautiful sandbeach in Malia approximately 100 meters.

This bar serves the best freshest cocktails in Malia with a big variety of drinks, from the more professional mojito to the classic sex on the beach. But also soft drinks, fresh squeezed juices, beers, icecreams, snacks which not only includes pizza, clubsandwich, hamburger but also popular
dutch snacks.

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The staff is friendly and always in the mood for a chat just like the owner Dimitris. Great example, our staff been here from many happy years.
Willem ... ? The most famous dutch guy in Malia, you'll find this mascotte Willem everywhere. It wouldn't be surprising if you'll already met him the first day.

The bar has many facilities, there will be something for everyone's satisfaction. This includes from
darts, a FREE pooltable and a huge plasmascreen which views football, formula 1, Tour de France, Dutch TV and music.

With other words, if you'd like to enjoy your holiday to the full then come to

Entry at own risk ;)

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