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We know the best way for the most successful training of our students.

STRATIGAKI - Foreign Language School in Heraklion Crete, English, German, Heraklion Crete Greece

Τhe  "C. STRATIGAKI" foreign language institution is an up to date school of teaching English and German which has been operating in Heraklion (Seron 1, Tel.: 2810  245632), Crete  for years.

We all know how important it is to everybody to know English and German. The difference is how well and how quickly we can get to know them.

Learning a foreign language correctly and fast is a combination of many factors all of which we know very well and we efficiently deal with through carefully organizing the steps we have to take and the teaching material and procedures we have to follow.

Thus we make sure that we have  :
> Small classes
> Carefully selected books building up a step by step language learning
> Audio visual teaching aids
> Experienced, well qualified teaching staff
> Extra practice through the use of computers

We teach English and German in a friendly and pleasant environment which meets all the necessary requirements and standards focusing on the most thorough and integral training of our students.

Our relationship with our students is personal, friendly and based on mutual respect and understanding. The staff-well trained and fully qualified- are responsible for the progress of their classes, taking personal interest in the needs of each individual student.

The quality of our work combined with our modern facilities have established an original effective and totally student-orientated method of teaching.

After having been in the field for years we teach English and German responsibly and consistently, fully meeting the needs of times for students with a profound knowledge of a foreign language.

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Faithfully yours
Catherine Stratigaki

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