During your vacation to beautiful Crete, you may visit the amazing gift shop DONUM, that stands at the picturesque corniche of Stalida, a few kilometers from Heraklion.
You will find usefully objects or fancy, illuminants, jewels and a great variety of glass, clay and copper objects.
The modern methods of processing the clay give the artists a great freedom to represent their work and some times the resuls are astonishing.

At DONUM you may find a wide selection in original and perfect gifts, small sculptures made by bronze, ceramics and even silver jewels.

You will find a great variety of glass and earthen hand-made creations made by famous Greek artists in different designs and prizes.

At DONUM you will fascinated by its beautiful puppets made by fabric or clay.

If you want to give your beloved persons a beautiful memorial gift, be sure that DONUM has the capability to suggest you the best buy at the best prize, with the help of the owner Pela Mihelaki!!!

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Pella Mihelaki

Tel:  28970 31111

Stalida, Heraklion
DONUM... for special gifts in affordable prizes!!!

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