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Villa Magda

Villa Magda Villa Magda

Villa Magda

If you wish to visit Crete for your holidays, Magda and Stavros Villas are offering an ideal solution for family vacations and alternative tourism in a very natural beautiful and peaceful family oriented environment.

The villas are situated at the top of Archaea Eleutherna hill, in a region with over 4,500 years of historical interest. It is where the first astrophysical and first homeopathetic doctor Diogenis Apolloniatis, was born.

In a very beautiful and relaxing environment, with all modern comforts available for your enjoyment of traditional Cretan hospitality and our quality of service.
You can try local products like olive oil, wine, tsikoudia and honey, visit historical sights and discover paths created forty-five centuries ago.
Archaea Eleutherna provides an ideal destination for your vacations, while it adds both economy and value to the quality of the time you will spend amongst us. We are very glad to invite you to experience the difference between us.

WebSite: http://www.villamagda.gr/

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0030 6948730703
0030 6978481512
0030 6948730703
0030 6978481512