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According to legend, Santorini rose up from the depths of the sea and this, in combination with the eruption of the volcano, has led scientists to correlate and compare it to the lost city of Atlantis. The first signs of life were evident as far back as the mid-3rd century B.C. (Early Copper Age). The first name given to the island was Strongyle (“the circular one”) due to its shape. According to Herodotus however, the island was later renamed to Kalliste (“the most beautiful one”) due to its incomparable beauty. Once the island was colonized by Spartans (following the Phoenicians) the island changed its name to Thera, named the after the Spartan leader of the time. Finally, the name Santorini, which is a contraction of the name Santa Irini, was given to the island by the Latin Empire referencing the name of the old cathedral of Saint Irene; the ruins of which were discovered in 1992 at the foot of the mountain in the village of Perissa.

The large volcanic eruptions of circa 1613B.C. (Late Copper Age), and the following collapse of the volcano’s magma chamber/reservoir, lead to the formation of the caldera (a large underwater cauldron-like depression).

The rare natural beauty, the rich history and the unique geomorphology of Santorini have contributed to it becoming one of the world’s top and most sought after destinations. It has become the subject of study for numerous influential scientists as well as an inspiration to famous poets and writers. It is worth noting that the island was even mentioned in Jules Verne’s novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, as well as Santorini being his main source inspiration in writing his novel “The Mysterious Island”.

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Tandem Paragliding

Dual Paraglider Flight with Instructor: Don’t miss the the best paragliding adventure of your lifetime, book a flight now!

Experience the best adventure activity on the mountains of Crete cross of Avdou gorge. You don’t need to be especially fit to fly in a paraglider; Take off and landing involves running just a few steps and once airborne you sit back in a comfortable seat.

In our Tandem Paragliders We are able to take passengers weighing between 45 and 110 kg. Children aged between 7 and 17 require written parental consent.


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Knossos Museum in Heraklion

A very interesting excursion!, First we will go to Knossos, the old palace of King Minos, where you will hear the fascinating history of this unique archaeological site. Afterwards you will visit Heraklion center for shopping and the archaeological museum, where you will have enough time to admire the Minoan Civilization, with the explanation of your guide.
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This excursion to Spinalonga is a very special trip. On our way to Agios Nikolaos where we will pick up the boat, we will first stop at the traditional village of Kritsa. we will then take the boat through the beautiful Mirabello Gulf, where the views and places of interest will amaze you, amonth them will be the Sunken city of Olous, Kri Kri Island and Kokolitha Beach which is ideal for swimming. We will then arrive at Spinalonga, which was originally build as a Venetian fortress and then until 1953 was the last leper colony of Europe.

Alternatively there is an excursion which includes a Beach BBQ, on this trip, we first go to Elunda where we will pick up the boat and go to a private beach where you will have the change to relax, swim and enjoy a delicious BBQ prepared by the captain and his crew. Then we will go onto Spinalong and our last stop will be the town of Agios Nikolaos.

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Gorthys - Matala

This time we set out for the south of Crete. An amazing route to the center of Crete through the Messara plain leads you to our first stop, the Odigitria Monastery, dedicated to Virgin Mary, run and inhabited by monks. It was built during the 14th century and is one of the most historical monasteries on Crete, with a vast land property. It was named after the most famous miraculous icon in the Byzantine Empire. Initially built as a fortress, it still preserves some parts of its original walls.

After a short journey through traditional villages, we reach the famous beach of Matala. This is the place where Zeus, having taken the form of a bull, swam ashore with Europa on his back before dragging her off to Gortys. Both the Minoans and the Romans used the place as their harbor. Nevertheless, for most people, Matala means only one thing: hippies. Back in the late 1960s – 1970s, this little town was a colony of the “flower children”, who lived in the caves that used to be former Roman tombs. Here we will enjoy the crystal waters, the warm sun and lunch by the sea, while later, we can explore the prehistoric caves, carved on the steep rocks of the area.

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Chania - Rethymnon - Kournas

Come with us and see the West of Crete. Our first stop is Chania, the largest town in Western Crete, it has a lot of Venetian and Turkish monuments and buildings with minarets, there is also the famous market which is set up in the shape of a cross and of course the Venetian harbour are all worth while visiting whilst in Chania. After we visit The lake of Kournas for 1h20min. The largest natural lake of Crete reflecting the White Mountains gives you the sense of an Alpine landscape. There is the opportunity to hire a pedal boat for a lovely ride around the lake, swimming and enjoying a meal in one of the little tavernas.On our way back also visit Rethymnon, this town has kept most of its medieval character, it is a beautiful town with many small streets and also many Venetian monuments.
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Samaria Gorge

This excursion is to Europe's largest gorge... Samaria, it is so unique that it was declared a National Park in 1962 to protect its natural wonder. In the morning the bus will take you from your hotel to the gorge's entrance, called Omalos. During the walk you will see all kinds of flora and fauna, you can rest and drink water from the crystal springs. The walk ends at Agia Roumeli, where you will go by boat to Chora Sfakion, the bus will be waiting for you back. A trip to Samaria is something you cannot miss during your holiday in Crete.
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Ierapetra - Monastery of Toplou - Via Palm Beach - Sitia

This excursion gives you the opportunity to see a wonderful beach, to have fun and to learn a few things about the local culture. In the morning you will leave for the "Palm Tree" beach of Via, this beach is a protected area not only for its natural beauty but also because of the kind of palm trees that you can only find here in all of Europe. Until midday you will have time to enjoy yourself in the water and on the beach. Afterwards we will go to the monastery of Toplou, which dates back to the 14th Century, apart from its religious meaning, the monastery was a shelter for refugees and people from the resistance, you will also be able to admire the Cretan Ikon Art master pieces which are on show. Later at the port town of Sitia, you will have time to enjoy a coffee. On the way back we will visit the picturesque town of Ierapetra. which is the only city on the south side of Crete.
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Lassithi Plateau

The plateau of Lassithi is situated 850 m above sea level in the Dikti Mountains, in the eastern part of Crete, the plateau is surrounded by 18 traditional villages. This is where potatoes, beans, cherries and apples are cultivated. During the Venetian period 7000 windmills were built and they controlled the water system in the plateau. On the way we will stop at the Kera Monastery which is famous for its frescoes and ikons from the 13th and 14th century. The next stop for coffee and photo taking will be the traditional village of Seli. Once we are on the plateau we will stop in Psichro where the Dikti cave is located, this is the place where it is believe that Zeus, the father of the Greek gods in mythology was born. We will then move onto the village of Ag.Geiorios where we will visit the very interesting folklore museum. An unforgettable trip with incredible landscapes
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Chrissi Island

Discover the paradise of Chrissi Island, located in the south part of Crete, our bus will take you to Ierapetra where you will pick up the boat that will take you to the southern most point of Europe. Once there you will have plenty of time to swim in the turquoise clear water, enjoy the beautiful beach surrounded by tropical vegetation, and relax completely, the quietness and peace of this island gives you the chance to take a romantic walk into its small forest and the sand dunes. You can also enjoy a nice meal in the only small taverna on the island. Come with us and have the most beautiful and relaxing day of your holidays.
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Cretan Night

During your holiday in Crete, you should not miss a real Cretan night. This excursion will show you the traditional Cretan village lifestyle. You will have a complete traditional dinner whilst enjoying the Greek music and amazing Greek and Cretan dance performances. You will even have the opportunity to join the dancers on the stage! Please dont forget to bring your camera to take pictures of the beautiful old dresses and traditional clothes. Enjoy yourself and come very close to the Cretan culture and to the people by dancing Sirtaki.
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Fishing Trip

Enjoy a real adventure and catch your own fish! the programme is designed for beginners and children. In the morning a bus will take you to Agios Nikolaos, where the fishing crew will be waiting for you with a warm welcome. There will be professional fishermen on board as well as the equipment you will need for fishing. We will sail to successful fishing spots near the coast. Around midday you will have a basket lunch with drinks, we will then carry on fishing. Once we return to the main land the fish that you caught can be cooked for you at a nearby Taverna. Have fun for one day and feel like a real Cretan fisherman
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Day Boat Cruise

Everyday the Pirate Boat sails from the port of Hersonissos to the clear waters of the Cretan sea. Our first stop is St. George's Bay next to the caves for 2 hours. There you will have the chance to swim and explore the bay with snorkels. When you come back on board the Pirates (crew) will prepare a delicious meal for you to enjoy. After this, we proceed our journey to the the beautiful village of Malia, where we enter like real “Pirates”. During our trip to the destination there is a possibility that we will be accompanied by dolphins and sea turtles.

In Malia we stop for 1 hour and you can go out of the boat. At 4 o’clock we leave Malia and pass close to the coastline of  Stalis (Stalida) before heading back to Hersonissos.

We return to Hersonissos around 5 o’clock. Depending where your stay, you can be collected and returned to your hotel.

Join the Pirate Boat and experience one of the best days of your holiday.

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Driving to the west of the island, we make our first stop in the beautiful city of Rethimnon, where we have some time for our coffee of breakfast. Moving on, we drive past the city of Chania and after a while, we arrive at the port of Kissamos, where we set out for our trip.During our boat trip, we have the chance to admire a vast cave – most likely an ancient shipyard, sea turtles or monk seals and of course, the dolphins of the area. We also witness an impressive geological phenomenon: the simultaneous lifting and sinking of the two sides of the island, where its western side rises up to 6-9 meters above the sea level.Disembark at Gramvousa, the Pirates Island.It got its reputation during the Revolution. It was used for 3 years as a base by 3,000 rebels, who had to become pirates, since it was the only way for them to get some food.We are instantly blown away not only by the natural beauty of the place, but also by the dashing Venetian castle.It prevails on the highest spot of the island, at the top of an extremely sheer cliff. The position of the castle is exceptionally strategic, as it protected the whole region of the northeastern Crete, while its size still impresses the visitors. The stunning view from its walls, its grandeur as well as the legend about hidden pirate treasures prompt us to visit it.The broader area of Gramvousa forms one of the most significant hydro-biotopes of the Eastern Mediterranean.Here we can encounter over 100 bird species and 400 plant species.After our exploration of the area, we have plenty of time to enjoy our swim at the gorgeous beach with the wonderful colors, take a few shots of the famous shipwreck of the island or have lunch aboard (optional).The Balos Lagoon, one of the loveliest places in Greece.In the early afternoon,  view of the lagoon is truly breathtaking.

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KOUFONISI ISLAND 1st stop: Driving along the beautiful coast of Crete and the southernmost town of Europe, Ierapetra, we reach Makrigialos. A picturesque village in the South-East of Crete. Here we embark on the wooden pirate boat and start the cruise to Koufonisi. 2nd stop: Koufonisi island. A totally virgin island, away from any kind of human activity. the boat sails around the whole island so guests can admire the beautiful coastline and caves surrounding it. In a protected bay, the boat stops for swimming in the crystal clear, turquoise waters (about 30min) and lunch and drinks are provided on board. Then the boat approaches the caves of Koufonisi for taking photos. The next stop is one of the 36 exotic beaches on the island, where guest have 2h30 min to relax and explore the hills and different bays. Umbrellas can be rented on board. An amazing adventure cruise! Explore this unknown paradise of Crete! 3rd stop: Return to Makrigialos. Return to the resorts
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Our bus tour takes us from Malia, to the other side of Crete, to Elafonisi beach, to an earthly paradise, in one of the most fascinating and unexpected places on the island of Crete. Here, at the beach of Elafonisi, is where we spend the whole day, in a faraway blue lagoon. A beach of exceptional natural beauty, the lagoon is something between an island and a peninsula, as it is accessible only through the lagoon that connects Elafonisi to the mainland of Crete. You can walk this distance easily since the waters are very shallow.
The pink beach is a true heaven of exceptional beauty with intense colors: White sand, which in places becomes pink due to the thousands of broken seashells, crystal clear blue-green waters, little sand islets formed around, are only some of its distinctive features that make this place unique. The beaches are perfect for everyone, especially for children as they are shallow several meters from the shore. Elafonisi lagoon is included in the protected areas of Natura, as it is the place where the Caretta-Caretta turtles are used to laying their eggs.
The legend has it that if you climb up to pay your respects, you have to look for a golden step, which is seen only by a true believer.
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“It was a wonderful journey through Crete. We have experienced and seen a lot from the island. The guide gave us a lot of information about the places, we visited. We had plenty of time to make photos. It gave the go drinks for the trip and after a comprehensive museum visit a delicious meal in a traditional and familiar tavern. After subsequent relax on the beach was the tour already over. On the whole, can only recommend the organizer. Thanks for the great day.”

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Rachel Aspin -  Testimonial from: FaceBook

“Brilliant day out and fantastic staff very friendly and welcoming went 03/07/17 would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a fun filled day out with some off roading and adrenaline packed roads, we see some lovely views and went through some picturesque villages, the food we got served was also fantastic wouldn't knock it for anything!! All in all we had a fanatic day with fantastic views and quality driving”

Rachel Aspin -  Testimonial from: FaceBook

“Brilliant day out and fantastic staff very friendly and welcoming went 03/07/17 would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a fun filled day out with some off roading and adrenaline packed roads, we see some lovely views and went through some picturesque villages, the food we got served was also fantastic wouldn't knock it for anything!! All in all we had a fanatic day with fantastic views and quality driving”

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“Really a wonderful day, great company and great captain”

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“Thank you for a wonderful day , the sights were beautiful , loved the Olive Oil tour and the lovely food and hospitality in the taverna , traditionally Greek. Thank you Demitri A wonderful tour guide. 😆 great day 😆😍”

Wayne Rudd -  Testimonial from: FaceBook

“Excellent day out. See some lovely views and plenty of on and off road travel. Definitely recommend this excursion”

Audrey Chef - France Testimonial from: FaceBook

“Une superbe journée avec notre sympathique guide Dimitri, qui nous a proposé un sympathique safari dans l'arrière pays, avec des commentaires sympathiques et découvertes locales. Thanks Dimitri, it was a wondeful day !”

Fatma Ibrahim -  Testimonial from: FaceBook

“Fatma Ibrahim Brilliant day out annd excellent guide peter he put safety first. Also delicious lunch and brilliant way of seeing the island . It was one of the best thing I ever done on the island travelling via road and on dirt track for miles.also seeing the cave and the history story behind the significance of the cave. Also traveling throughh the untouched villages was brilliant. I loved every minute of it. ”

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“Découvrir là crête dans ces recoins magiques loin des circuits touristiques, un vrai bonheur pour clore cette semaine de vacances. Merci tout particulièrement à Dimitri pour son professionnalisme, son ecoute tout en nous perlettantui a permis d apprecier culture,paysages et joie d apprécier le moment presen”

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“Super journée avec un guide compétent et des paysages magnifiques ”

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